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The SHPE Jr. Committee exists as a structured method of empowering younger students to realize their fullest potential by providing STEM awareness, access, support and development.

What We Do

Cal Poly SHPE members are able to assist local high school students to reach their full potential by bridging the gap between their high school years and the goal of attending a university.

The members of the committee go to local high schools, providing organized STEM activities and events while also acting as mentors for students. Some events include: Financial aid workshops, informative presentations on STEM related subjects, hands on activities, demonstrations, field trips to college campuses, tutoring opportunities, awareness of events or resources in the area, networking with professionals in the STEM field, social activities, and an end of year student recognition banquet. The committee members also attend some of the high school club meetings and provide support in the transition to higher education.

Who's Involved

The committee has an organized structure and is comprised of about 10 active members and many additional volunteers. Each member has a different role which include:

  • Professional Communications Officer:
    • Responsible for being the SHPE Jr. Chapter Representative
    • Responsible for contacting/delegating the task to contact Nationals/Foundation, professionals, guest speakers, advisors, high school personnel, etc.
    • Responsible for recognizing and organizing all documentation and paperwork needed for establishing a new chapter and running the current chapter
    • Will work extensively with the Outreach Events Officer
  • Outreach Events Officer:
    • Responsible for carrying out/delegating high school SHPE Jr. events, finding volunteers, gathering materials, organizing carpools, asking the SHPE Outreach Coordinator to promote events, etc.
    • Will work extensively with the Professional Communications Officer
  • Secretary:
    • Responsible for scribing minutes during committee meetings and keeping track of members who are present during each meeting. Secretary shall then distribute the minutes or other necessary documentation/information to all committee members.
    • Assists Outreach Coordinator, Professional Communications Officer, and Outreach Events Officer with sharing permissions on items via the committee’s Google Drive, with emailing committee members, and with updating committee calendar
  • Treasurer:
    • Monitors the “cashbox” in order to ensure that funds are used appropriately by the committee and its members. Keeps an organized record through an excel sheet and updates the committee about any spending activities.
    • Notifies the MEP Advisors (Jackie and Maria) of any approved and upcoming withdrawals or deposits to be done by any SHPE Jr. committee members
    • Assists members with Purchase Request Forms (PRFs).
  • Historian:
    • Responsible for taking pictures at every SHPE Jr. event.
    • Documents every event by writing formatted memos of the events including a short summary along with a few captioned images, these are to be posted in Google Drive.
    • During events, the historian keeps track of the presentations given, along with the names of the speakers and to be aware of the people photographed in order to properly caption the photos in the event summaries.

Join Us

Any member of the Cal Poly SHPE club can join the SHPE Jr. Committee. Simply email or ask one of the current committee members how you can join the fun! Feel free to email with any questions regarding the SHPE Jr. Committee, how to join, or to volunteer for any events!

Past Events

SHPE Cal Poly makes an effort to engage our SHPE Jr. chapters in activities that will help encourage success in STEM fields, along with getting ready for college.

Rocket Build

Rocket Build Rocket Build
Students were provided with supplies in order to build a launch locket. During this process they discussed different engineering principles that could be applied. The students had many questions about career paths and college options.

End of the Year Banquet

SHPE Jr Banquet SHPE Jr Banquet
During the last meeting of the PVHS SHPE Jr. club, officers were elected for the incoming year. We also provided a banquet where we congratulated graduating seniors on their accomplishments and welcomed the new officers


Lockheed Martin SHPE Jr

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