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Welcome to SHPE Cal Poly

SHPE Cal Poly was established in 1978 as a part of a commitment to the recruitment and retainment of Hispanic engineering and science students. SHPE Cal Poly is an organization in which student leaders and corporate sponsors volunteer their time and efforts to help students and community.

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General Meeting

Thursday, March 6th 2015

Join us for our general meeting on Thursday, March 6th!

See our calendar for all events ›

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DCAB: Underwater Dreams Showing

Monday, February 9th

Underwater Dreams- Feb 9th Chumash Auditorium
Showing from 6-8PM
Discussion from 8-9PM

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SHPE Intramurals

Every WeDnesday or ThUrsday

Hey guys, so SHPE intramural soccer is happening again and we are just wondering if there are any of you interested in playing  intramural futsal and/or basketball as well.

Email Alejandro Gonzalez, Sergeant of Arms, at for more information

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Freshman Student GroupMe

Join Us

If you are a Freshman please email or contact the Freshman Representatives, Anthony Ledesma and Isabel Ortega, at with your NAME and CELL PHONE NUMBER to be added to the GroupMe Account!
This is a great way to get more support from other Freshman in the club!
Be sure to email us before the upcoming Freshman/ Transfer social coming up in February!

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Pre-Collegiate Symposium - Bridge Activity 

Friday, February 6th from 9-11am

Join in on the fun! SHPE will be having a workshop for high school juniors during the Pre-Collegiate Symposium. We will be building a bridge out of toothpicks and gumdrops!

When: Friday, February 6th from 9-11am
Where: MEP Study Room

Sign-up here:

Email Carla, Outreach Coordinator, with any questions:

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Mousetrap Car - Laguna Middle School at Cal Poly 

Saturday, February 7th from 10am-2pm

Let's build cars using mousetraps! SHPE will be having a workshop for middle school students from Laguna Middle School. We will be building a mousetrap car!

When: Saturday, February 7th from 10am-2pm
Where: Cal Poly Campus

Sign-up here:

Email Carla, Outreach Coordinator, with any questions:

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Grid Alternatives Group Collaboration Project 

Join Us!

Do you need group project experience to beef up your resume for those internships?
Here is your opportunity to partner with Grid Alternatives to fundraise and install solar panels on low income housing. This is an amazing experience.

Please fill out this quick Interest Form Here: Click Here

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Biotechnology Industry Career Day 

Wednesday, January 23 2015

The biomedical industry hires many different engineering majors! Come and explore the industry through panel discussions and a miniature career fair. Events take place this Wednesday, January 23, 2015 @ 1pm - 5pm in PAC Pavilion, downstairs in Building 6. On a side note, both your Cal Poly SHPE President and your Vice President have worked in biotechnology companies as interns (neither are BMED students!). You're highly encouraged to explore.

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NASA Tour! 

Friday Feb 27th

When: Friday Feb 27th
Where: Ames Research center (Silicon Valley)
Must be a US Citizen!
If you are interested please contact Mireya

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SHPE Jr. Committee

Join Us!

WWhat made you want to pursue an engineering degree? Did someone influence your decision? You could be the one to inspire a college bound student to pursue engineering as well. Join the SHPE Jr. Committee to become involved with engineering outreach activities at local high schools!

Email the committee for more information:

Vist the SHPE Jr Page ›

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Tutoring Middle/HighSchool Students


Want to help make a difference in the community? This is an opportunity to tutor younger students! The materials covered at Laguna Middle School are basic math and science and the teacher provides all the necessary materials to be able to help. SLO High School students are looking for help in AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry. Sign up now! Even one hour a week makes a difference.

Times are as follows:

Mondays: 11:15am-12pm and 2:15-5pm
Tuesdays-Fridays: 10:30-11:30am and 2-5pm

Email Carla, Outreach Coordinator, for more information or to sign-up: